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Student Fees

Student Fees

These fees cover the cost of workbooks, art materials, and other consumable supplies required for the elementary curriculum as approved by the Graham Board of Education. If it is not possible to make payment immediately, please make arrangements with the office.

Kindergarten - $42.50 First Grade - $37.29 Second Grade - $42.64    Pre K- $35.00
Third Grade - $46.82 Fourth Grade - $52.57 Fifth Grade - $47.42       Preschool - $35.00

The Graham Board of Education recognizes that extracurricular activities represent an extension of the overall school program. These programs contribute to the educational goals of the district and assist in promoting and developing overall growth of each participant.

In an effort to generate revenue to partially offset the cost of offering extra-curricular activities, the Graham Board of Education has implemented a participation fee to be involved in these programs. Although parents/guardians and students are being asked to assume a small portion of the expense of extracurricular participation through a fee structure, it is hoped that NO student will elect not to participate due to financial constraints. If a parent/guardian has difficulty paying a fee, he/she is strongly encouraged to contact the coach, advisor, a teacher or an administrator to receive assistance. All requests will be handled in a confidential manner. Please refer to the GLS Participation Fee Guidelines for more information and specific due dates. Guidelines can be found on the district’s website or in the school’s main office.