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Superintendent's Page

Superintendent's Page

Welcome to the Graham Local Schools Website!

Welcome to the Graham Local Schools Website! 201689164630310_image.jpg

Our vision is “Success today, Prepared for tomorrow.”  Welcome to a progressive district that values tradition and ceremony, along with a growth mindset to provide a holistic education experience for our students and community.  We do that through the hard work of a dedicated staff and community partners, implementing a focused strategic plan, Graham 2020. 

On behalf of our Board of Education, and the staff of the Graham Local schools, we hope you find the information on this website helpful.  As you click on the links, you will find important information, such as, contact information, district forms, news releases, information on programs and curriculum and our calendar of events.

As your superintendent, I am excited to see Graham Soar this year.  When people ask, “What’s Good at Graham?” I can assure you we have a list of the finest students, staff, facilities, programs and opportunities to share!  Go Falcons!



 Kirk Koennecke, Superintendent 

July 19, 2016

Dear Community Members,

My responsibility as your Superintendent is to develop and set a clear vision and direction for the Board of Education, to bring people with us, and to deliver results that reflect positive progress for our students’ growth and achievement. The activities during the first 100 days of my transition are significant, particularly in an environment of tremendous change in education. Add in the civic, political and business interests within our district and this creates a complex dynamic we can all address together.

With your help, our new vision: Success Today, Prepared for Tomorrow, will guide our students to success in their chosen pathway to a career or college of their choice. A core team of community members and staff worked hard over the past four months to craft a progressive, responsible, and holistic new strategic plan for Graham. We are excited to share it as the new school year begins. Please see the included brochure, which shares the new strategic plan of our district: Graham 2020. You can see the entire strategic plan on our web site link.

The purpose of my 100-day plan is to establish a set of priorities that will guide my work. All leadership transitions are critical, and this case is no different. These activities are designed to:

  • Gather information quickly about the community and the school district
  • To establish a strong community presence
  • To assess the district’s strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • To identify critical issues related to the implementation of our new strategic plan
  • To create a network to assist in the work of bettering the Graham Local Schools.

The activities in this plan will give me tangible goals to achieve during my first 100 days. These goals will also support the long-term success of our students and staff. I look forward to sharing my progress at the October Board of Education meeting. Thank you in advance for your support. Please check out my entire 100-day plan on our web site.

My wife Susie and I look forward to meeting you as the new school year begins. This summer has flown by as we moved to Saint Paris and settled into our new home. We look forward to living and working here. We are excited for the new school year, and, with your help, Graham will Soar!


Kirk Koennecke


Graham Local Schools