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2018 - 2019 ROUTING INFORMATION AS OF 8-1-2018

Click the link below to access the current routing information as of 8-27-2018.  
Routes are being updated and changed daily. We will continue to post updates as we progress through adding babysitter/alternative transportation routes to the system.  We will post the updated date on each revision.  Find your residential address and from there go across the row to find the "current estimated" drop off and pickup times and stop location.  
If you have questions please email us:  glstransportation@grahamlocalschools.org
 Graham Local Schools High School Stops
Thackery                              7970 St Rt 55                                       9              7:05                        2:54 PM 

Stop                                       Location                                               Bus         AM Time              PM Time

Christiansburg                   On Main at Pike                                        34           6:48AM                 2:55 PM

Concord                               3260 St Rt 560                                          30           6:55 AM               2:54 PM

Rosewood                          RUMC 6543 Rosewood Quincy               35           6:55 AM               2:59 PM

Springhills                            Church in Springhills                              25           6:25 AM               3:10 PM

Grandview Heights         235 and Grandview Heights                     25           6:50 AM               2:54 PM

Millerstown                        N Heck Hill and Zimmerman                  30           7:05 AM               2:46 PM

St Paris                                 Walnut and S Church                                             6:55 AM               3:01 PM
Bus 3 will pick up AM only Buses 25 and 35 will pick up AM and drop off PM
GHS Students can ride any of these buses          

Terre Haute                        6645 St Rt 55                                       8              7:05 AM               3:01 PM               



Transportation and Maintenance Office
9915 W US HWY 36
Saint Paris, OH 43072

Transportation Director
Mr. Don Burley

Transportation Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Nancy Massie