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Treasurer's Office

Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office of the Graham Local School District is committed to providing the residents of the district with information about the financial activities of the district and to provide district's employees with excellent service.  We strive to be cost effective in everything that is purchased from apples to buses and to continue to earn the public's trust in financial operations of the district.


If you have any questions, please call us at (937) 663-4123 or contact us via email.  Thank you.

Treasurer - Judy Geers - geersj@grahamlocalschools.org 

Phone (937)-663-4123 ext. 2609 


Payroll Administrator - LuAnn King - kingl@grahamlocalschools.org

Phone (937)-663-4123 ext. 2610 


Accounts Payable/Receivables - Anne Shaffer - shaffera@grahamlocalschools.org

Phone (937)-663-4123 ext. 2602


EMIS Coordinator – Jennifer Mason – masonj@grahamlocalschools.org

Phone (937)-663-4123 ext. 2611