Board of Education

Board of Education Members

President Mr. Duane 
Vice PresidentMr. Alan Mitchell 
 MemberMr. Steve 
 MemberMr. Steve 
 MemberMr. Pat 


Board of Education Meeting Information

During the 2014 calendar year REGULAR MEETINGS of the Graham Local Board of Education
will be held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted below)
Location will be on a rotating schedule at the buildings.

 DayMeeting Date Location 
 MondayJanuary 27, 2014High School 
 Monday   February 10, 2014High School 
 MondayMarch 10, 2014High School 
 MondayApril 14, 2014High School 
 MondayMay 12, 2014Middle School 
 MondayJune 9, 2014Middle School 
 MondayJuly 14, 2014Middle School 
 MondayAugust 11, 2014Middle School 
 MondaySeptember 8, 2014
 MondayOctober 13, 2014Elementary 
 MondayNovember 10, 2014Elementary 
 MondayDecember 8, 2014Elementary (7:00 AM)

Special Meetings may be called by the president, by the treasurer, or by any two members, by
serving written notice of the time and place of such meeting upon each member of the board at
least two days prior to the date of such meeting (ORC 3313.16).
Adopted January 9, 2014 - Organizational Meeting