Delay and Cancellation Information

August 11, 2014



Dear Parents/Guardians:         



I hope that the new academic year begins in a positive way for your family!  All of us hope that you have an outstanding experience this year in the Graham Local School District!


While it won’t be snowing soon, inclement weather is a possibility each day when fog is considered.  It is also possible that one or more of our schools could have other issues (no electricity or water, for example) which might cause us to delay or cancel school   I take very seriously the task of determining whether school will be delayed or closed when inclement weather occurs.  I not only drive the roads in our district, but I also communicate with our transportation director and the superintendents of our neighboring districts to make the most prudent decision that I can.  For parents/guardians who work during the day, I know that a cancellation can cause problems with childcare, but I will always err on the side of caution and safety when making a decision.  If classes are held on an icy/snowy day, please remember that the final decision rests with parents/guardians in regard to sending children to school. 


Based upon the timing of the district’s bus routes, the first decision of the day must always be made by 5:30 AM, and if another decision is necessary, that decision must be made by 7:30 AM.


Once a decision is made to delay or cancel, the quickest and most reliable way to obtain the information is to go to the home page of our district website at      Closing and delay information will appear on the home page as soon as a decision to delay or close has been made.  A texting and/or e-mail notification system can be utilized by accessing the sign-up information via the link on the district’s home page.


These radio and television stations will be contacted:


Radio              K-99.1             99.1 FM in Dayton

TV                   2                      NBC in Dayton

TV                   7                      CBS in Dayton

TV                   22                    ABC in Dayton

TV                   45                    FOX in Dayton


Once a radio or television station is contacted with information about a delay or cancellation, there can be lengthy delays until the information is actually broadcast or listed on a “crawl.”  The Graham Local School District is not responsible for any errors made by the radio or television stations in communicating this information.  


Some districts will be counting hours beginning this year instead of days, but our district is still counting days for two more years by virtue of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The number of calamity days allowed to our school district is five (5) days.  This means that beginning on the sixth full day missed, days will need to be made up.  Make up days will be used in the following succession:


1.         Monday, December 22 if six full days have already been missed.

2.         President’s Day--This year that day would be Monday, February 16, 2015.    

3.         Spring Break (first two days)--This year these days would be Monday and            Tuesday, March 30 and 31.

 4.        Adding days to the end of the regular school year--This year the first day would    be Monday, June 1, 2015.

It is also possible that the district will explore the use of Blizzard Bags to reduce potential make up days by up to three.


In addition, please remember to create a plan for your family in case the district must utilize an early dismissal.  Unless unforeseen circumstances exist, the early release will dismiss students two hours early.  It is especially important that young children who ride the bus have someone to meet them on an early dismissal day.  


While the snow is pretty, it does create problems for travel!  I appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate through the year.  If you have any questions, please contact me via telephone (937-663-4123) or e-mail (  Thank you!








Norm Glismann, Superintendent

Graham Local Schools