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Graham School Bus Drivers Honored

DATE POSTED: May 17, 2017

Each year the state of Ohio hosts the School Bus Road-E-O, a competition for school bus drivers to test their skills, knowledge, and procedures. The road-e-o includes a written exam on state law and policy in regards to the operation of a school bus, and a stringent obstacle course simulating many of the driving skills needed to be a safe and successful bus driver. This year Graham Local Schools had three drivers compete in the regional competition in April. Seventy-two drivers competed from the western region of the state and the Graham drivers all finished in the top 23. Bobbi Thomas finished 23rd, Chuck Metherd finished 7th, and Karlene Anderson finished 4th, earning herself a spot at the Ohio State Road-E-O competition.

Graham Local Schools is currently the 6th largest school geographically in the state of Ohio encompassing 186 square miles. With 25 daily routes, district transportation vehicles travel 2,687 miles per day totaling 483,660 miles per school year. This does not include the 28,000 miles traveled for extra-curricular trips, such as field trips and sporting events. With over 500,000 miles on the road per year our transportation staff endures all weather and road conditions daily with the number one goal of providing safe and healthy transportation for the students of the district.

School bus drivers in the state of Ohio have some of the most stringent pupil transportation requirements for training, and licensure in the nation. Every school bus driver at Graham attends at the minimum 12 hours of professional development per year on the topics of safe operation of a school bus, student management, emergency preparedness, and crisis intervention. Successful drivers demonstrate patience, hard work, and, most important, a care for the students they serve. Graham Local Schools is very fortunate to have drivers that demonstrate these qualities with fidelity each day.

Recently, Graham honored their transportation workers. May 1, 2017 was designated as school bus driver appreciation day in the state of Ohio. The Graham Local Schools bus drivers were honored by staff and students for their dedication and commitment to the students of Graham. Drivers received gifts of appreciation, letters, and cards from the students celebrating the day.

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