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DATE POSTED: November 7, 2017

The district’s modest earned income tax proposal came up short of the necessary number of votes required for passage tonight. District officials must now consider next steps, including the possibility of making cutbacks to an already stretched budget.

“While it is not the outcome that we wanted, we worked hard to communicate and reach residents with information about the financial stress our district is under,” said Superintendent Kirk Koennecke. “I wish to thank our caring volunteers, teachers, staff and community supporters. They did a fantastic job. They hit the streets, talked with their neighbors, and they did it for the single reason they want what is best for our Graham community.”

The district placed a modest earned income tax proposal on the Tuesday, November 7 ballot. The proposal would have provided more resources so that Graham students do not fall behind. Resources like up-to-date technology, classrooms, textbooks and lab materials along with additional science, technology and academic programs.

“The need did not go away with the failure of this levy,” stated Koennecke. “The district has not had new operating dollars in over 24 years and the budget will remain strained. It will take some time, however, to assess the next steps and to determine what it means operationally for the district.”

As for what is next, the district and board will take some time to review the results and to plan next steps to further engage the community. “Our children deserve to be competitive, to become Future Ready. Their needs don’t change.”

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