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Homeschooling Information

Home education is recognized by section 3321.04 of the Ohio Revised Code and section 3301-34 of the Ohio Administrative Code.
In Ohio, a parent interested in educating his/her child at home may request that the child be excused compulsory school attendance for home education purposes. Home Education is educational delivery that is directed by the parent or guardian of a child who has been excused from attending school. Under this option, the parent/guardian selects the curriculum and educational materials and takes responsibility for educating the child. There is no state financial assistance for families who choose this option. 
Parents must turn in the required packet to the Superintendent's office by September 10th of the current school year.  A link to the parent packet and homeschooling requirements can be found on the links to the right. 
Please contact Becky McNutt at the Graham District Support Center for additional information.
937-663-4123 ext.2603 
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