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Semester Exams

Semester Exams

1st Semester Exam Schedule

Thursday, January 21st (ODD):

1st Period Exam-7:45-8:50

3rd Period Exam-8:55-9:55

5th Period Exam-10:00-11:00

7th Period Class/Lunches 11:05 - 12:10

     A Lunch-11:05-11:35

     A Class-11:05-11:35

     B Lunch-11:40-12:10

     B Class-11:40-12:10

7th Period Exam-12:15-1:15

Make-up Exam-1:20-2:30

Friday, January 22nd (EVEN):

2nd Period Exam-7:45-8:50

4th Period Exam-8:55-9:55

6th Period Exam-10:00-11:00

8th Period Exam/Lunches 11:05 - 12:30

     Exam - 11:05-12:05

     Lunch - 12:05-12:30

12:30 - Dismissal

  • Odd periods on Thursday, Even on Friday

  • For simplicity and to take care of lunch we have 7th period Class (you may review) on Thursday and then followed by having the exam after lunch.  There will be make-up period built in on Thursday (If you do not have to make-up any exam then you will be free to go at that point provided parent approval).  The following departments will eat “A: Lunch on Thursday: Math, Science, Foreign Language, Art, Health, PE.  “B” Lunch will be English, Social Studies, OHP classes

  • Friday will have the even period exams.  Due to early dismissal, we will do any make-up exams for you in the media center as needed.  We will only have one lunch period on Friday.

  • If you do not have Early Release or Late Arrival, you must have your parent provide a note or call to approve you to leave early or arrive late.  You may not leave in the middle of the schedule and come back.  (i.e. come 1st period, leave for 3rd, and come back 5th)

  •  Please note that on Friday all students will be dismissed at 12:30.  Thursday time will be a normal day.  Bus transportation will run accordingly.

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