Elementary School

Elementary School

Kindergarten Screening Dates

PreK-5th Grade Supply Lists 2020-2021

OPTIONAL - Schools PLP Supply List - Online Learning
*The following is an optional supply list for the families who chose GOA 
(Graham Online Academy) Option #2 on the survey.
sidewalk chalk • colored pencils • construction paper • craft sticks • 
assorted crayons • 6 sided
die • drawing paper • dry erase board • eraser • finger paint • glue stick • glue
bottle • highlighters • index cards • map tack • markers • dry erase markers • fine tip
markers • clay • paintbrushes • black paint • paper clips • red pen • pencils • Post-It
notes • poster board • rubber band • ruler • scissors • masking tape • counting chips • pop
cubes • US map • watercolors • world map

colored pencils • construction paper • craft sticks • crayons • drawing paper • dry erase
board • eraser • glue stick • glue bottle • highlighters • index cards • map tack • US
map • markers • dry erase markers • fine tip markers • paper clips • red pen • pencils • Post-it
notes • poster board • rubber band • ruler • scissors • masking tape • counting chips • 
world map 

Social/Emotional Learning at Home


Student Lighthouse Team

Graham Elementary's Student Lighthouse Team is composed of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. They come together to do a lot for their fellow classmates and school. They host pep rallies, welcome guests, and take on other various leadership roles around campus!

On behalf of our Shared Leadership Committee, I would like to congratulate all of our applicants for the 2020-2021 Student Lighthouse Team! The application process and interviews required courage and leadership and they all stepped up to the plate!

It was indeed a tough decision narrowing our applicants down to 12! Now, that their letters have been mailed (and hopefully received!) please join me in congratulating the 2020-2021 Student Lighthouse Team!

GES Video

Graham Elementary Students & Families - WE MISS YOU and want you to know TOGETHER WE HAVE GOT THIS!


Falcon Pride!

GES...."A Better Me...Means A Better We

Free Educational Resources

 There are several free educational resources listed below. 
  Sites for families to use while school is closed- click the links below.


Ms. Lynnette Roeth

Assistant Principal:
Brooke Hoblit
Guidance Counselor:
Megan Christmann
Mrs. Pam Hoey
Mrs. Kristina Thornton
Graham Elementary School:
9464 W. US HWY 36
Saint Paris, OH 43072
Phone: 937-663-4449
Fax: 937-663-0257


Building Time Schedule

8:00 Main Office opens

8:15 Teachers/staff in building

8:30 Cafeteria opens for student breakfast

8:45 Students enter the building 

*Students eating breakfast may enter the building at 8:30.

8:45 Student day begins

*Students arriving after 8:45 are tardy and must report to the office.

11:00-1:30 Lunchtimes/recess

3:20 Students being picked up are dismissed

3:30 Bus students are dismissed

3:40 Staff is able to depart

4:00 Office closes

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