Get to Know Our Graham Family

"Engaged with our community, Graham Local Schools fosters the safety and wellness of our students, staff and families while focused on developing responsible individuals and life long learners to better our world."

Working at Graham Local is more than just a job. It's a family!

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Our differentiators

We believe that Graham Local Schools is one of the best districts in the region. We strive to provide a quality educational environment that guides all students to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

  • Graham Local Schools has a family-like atmosphere where we are dedicated to partnering with our families to support our students in achieving their individual learning goals and to become their best selves.

  • Graham Local Schools values the longevity of its teaching staff and provides one of the highest top-end salaries in the area.  

  • Graham Local Schools values health care for individuals and/or families and provides one of the best health care plans in the Dayton Area per cost to the employee.  

About St. Paris, OH

photo of saint paris watertower

Graham Local School District is a rural district in Champaign County, Ohio. The district serves the St. Paris area, and several other small communities including Rosewood, Christiansburg, Terre Haute, Carysville, Millerstown, Westville, and Thackery, and covers a little section of southeastern Shelby County, eastern Miami County, far northwestern Clark County, southwestern Logan county, and Northwestern portions of the city of Urbana. The district is named after local legend A.B. Graham, the founder of the 4-H agriculture program.

Currently, Graham LSD is one of the largest school districts in Ohio in terms of area covered. The district covers over 185 square miles (480 km2), nearly the size of Columbus, Ohio. Despite this, the number of students is relatively small, estimated at about 1600 district-wide. While we are a small district, we cover a lot of ground.

Staff Testimonials


Mr. Lensman

I am privileged to be able to work at Graham Local Schools.  I have been fortunate enough to graduate from GLS and serve in multiple educational roles: Assistant Elementary Principal, Middle School Principal, Director of Teaching and Learning, and Superintendent.   I have been surrounded by people I know and have established relationships with at Graham Local Schools. This has created a supportive and friendly work environment where I feel valued and appreciated.

Additionally, working for Graham Local Schools has provided me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, particularly because I am passionate about education and helping young people achieve their goals. Being part of the Graham Local Schools Community is rewarding, as I have contributed to the education and growth of the next generation.

The close-knit community and small-town atmosphere provide the perfect combination to support a successful work environment and school system where I want my own children.  I would recommend Graham Local Schools to any prospective employee that is looking to work where they feel valued and are able to make a difference in the lives of tomorrow's leaders!  


Mr. Yukon

I am a 2020 Graham graduate and while in high school completed the Tech Corps program and enjoyed it! I am now working as a Maintenance Technician in the Technology Depart and I feel like I am back at Home. 


Ms. Lockwood

Graham Elementary has been my family since I was in college studying to be a teacher. I walked into GES to work for the first time in 2016 as the Before and After Care Administrator through the YMCA. It was that year that I was also placed in a first grade classroom halfway through the year for field experience and that led to student teaching the next year. I knew within the first couple days that I WILL teach at GES. When I graduated in 2018, I was so ready to be a Falcon. But timing wasn’t right. I taught first grade three years in Dayton and 5 years later, in 2021, I made my way back home, as a first grade teacher. GES has such a welcoming community, and I am proud to be a part of this family again. This is home. 


Mrs. Miller

Graham is home.


Deputy Niven Jester (SRO) 

Why Graham? 

They say home is where the heart is, and for most people, their hometowns are an important and integral part of their persona. Whether they stir fond memories or sad ones, and whether you plan on staying or not, your hometown played an important part in shaping the person you are today. I want to be a part of whatever that is for the younger generation at Graham.